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Meet The Team

Inspired by "Nourishment for All” Mindy Scott, an advocate for body positivity, inclusion, and representation, felt moved to create a skincare line, special enough for anyone to enjoy, but intended to accurately celebrate all bodies.

With a background in philanthropy, activism, and having spent many years learning to admire her own plus size body, Mindy has dedicated her spare time to creating an online presence and platform to help others honor their bodies, in whatever shape they come. 

With this idea, Mindy recruited the expertise of Chemist and cosmetic formulator, Katarina Stetz. Katarina, born and raised in Sweden, holds two Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering, and in Business and Finance. With over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, Katarina was excited about this partnership and ready to create beautiful products, with nourishing ingredients, intended to achieve ultimate results. 

Having worked both personally and professionally with Holistic Esthetician, Gabi Stepan, Gabi was asked to join in on this project to contribute not only her extensive knowledge of skin, but to utilize her many years of experience in sales and communications. 

We are all so very passionate about normalizing all bodies, and changing our society's view of "beauty standards." Using our platform, and offering clean skincare for all, we are able to begin the conversation now. Let's all nourish together, and make a change.