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About Nära

Our philosophy

Good quality, clean, and nourishing skincare should be for everyone. Too often in the beauty industry, skincare products are masked by green washing, are at inaccessible price points, and under represent the average human body. We at Nära are passionate about advocating for skin wellness by offering products that are made with beautiful ingredients, at an affordable price point, for all bodies to enjoy. 

Our mission

Our mission at Nära is to normalize plus size bodies in the beauty industry. By representing full figured bodies on our packaging and marketing, our intention is to change the beauty industry standard so all figures, in whatever shape, size, color, they come in, can be celebrated.

Our products

All Nära products are handmade in small batches in a private lab by our formulator and skincare chemist, Katarina Stetz. We use clean, non toxic ingredients in all of our products. Additionally, our formulas are proprietary, and have gone through extensive testing to insure safety.


All Nära products are packaged in glass containers to prevent excessive use of plastic. Additionally, we opted not to use cardboard boxes to house our containers in hopes of limiting paper waste. All product information has been conveniently printed directly on the containers for ease. Our glass containers can be recycled or repurposed.


All skin, regardless of ethnicity, age, color, size, type and shape deserves to be nourished. We proudly formulated our entire skincare line to benefit everyone. However, in standing true to our ethos, you will find that our marketing and advertising will often showcase the under represented in the beauty industry.

How we started

In March of 2020, at the start of a global pandemic, Mindy, Katarina, and Gabi came together to create Nära. During a time of panic and uncertainty, they stayed the course and worked tirelessly to create a product they are all proud of.