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About Nära


Our mission is to normalize under represented bodies in the beauty industry through inclusive, nourishing skincare products for all. 


Nourishing skincare should be for every one and every body.


All Nära products are made in small batches in Chicago, IL. Our formulas are uniquely crafted in house and are proprietary to Nära. We have ensured safety and quality through extensive testing in the US and EU. 


All Nära products are packaged in glass, with the ingredient list directly on the containers. We also decided to forego product packaging to limit plastic and paper waste. We repurpose packaging materials by recirculation, so you may receive a box that seems it came from another company with materials that are not sustainable. Please continue the process and reuse as you can. We are a small business with room to grow, but we commit to invest in sustainable practices and hold sustainability as a pillar of Nära.


All skin, regardless of ethnicity, age, color, size, type and shape deserves to be nourished. We proudly formulated our entire line to benefit everybody and we plan to use our marketing and advertising to showcase those under-represented in the beauty industry, as we work to live into our mission of inclusive, nourishing beauty for all. 

How we started

In April of 2020, at the start of a global pandemic, Mindy, Katarina, and Gabi came together to create Nära. During a time of panic and uncertainty, they stayed the course and worked tirelessly to create a product they are all proud of.