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What IS Nära?

Posted by Katarina Stetz on

Hello all, and welcome to Nara!

This passion project has been a labor of love since March of 2020, and much like this pandemic, we’ve had a lot of ups and downs along the way, but we are so excited to officially announce the launch of our small batch and handmade skincare line! 

While we formulated our clean products to benefit all skin types, you will notice that as a brand, we also have a mission to normalize under represented bodies in the beauty industry.  

So what is Nära exactly? This term is of Swedish Origin (just like our brand formulator, Katarina) and means “to nourish.” To nourish oneself is an act of self love and self care through many different things! Like, finding joy in a good book, eating a wonderful meal, celebrating friendship, or just being happy in the moment. We all need time to ind our Nara, and we aim to give that to our customers through the ritual of skincare. 

We are so proud of our products, and we hope you will find the same nourishment from them as we do, regardless of how you nourish yourself!  So with that said, How do you Nära? Tell us in the comments below!


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